Workplace Politics: Why You Won’t Get Credit for Your Work (Most Likely Reason)

April 18, 2018

There were times when I worked very hard and delivered. Hardly got credit.  I was very stressed.   Joe is really average Joe. He is brought up as a good man. He has been to taught to do the right things, follow ethics. Most importantly, walk the talk. It was an important meeting scheduled by the […]

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What Business Are You Really In? As Applied to Employees.

February 22, 2018

Peter Drucker. Everyone knows about the management legend who transformed American businesses. One of the most important question from Drucker was – what business are we really in? The most famous example is that of McDonalds. He suggested that McDonalds’ primary business is NOT food. It is real estate. The explanation is that they open […]

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Why You Should Work Hard During Notice Period

December 10, 2017

People moving across jobs is usual. It is increasing due to the shift in social behavior, attitude of both organizations and employees. For whatever reason, one might want to move on. Flickr/ Pavlina Jane What follows the resignation is notice period. Some countries have long notice period. Like India. 3 months is many companies. Here I want […]

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Management Reviews: What I Learnt about “Real Intelligence” from Artificial Intelligence

November 16, 2017

As we learn more about AI, we know this: Neural networks based AI is very effective for many problems Human brain is based on neural networks We also know that AI based systems are still evolving and have limitations AI based car might confuse a picture of car as car If AI system is taught […]

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How a CTO Could Help India

January 26, 2017

As everyone knows India is in interesting times. Workaholic Prime Minister. High energy of the masses. Good number of social problems to solve. And good amount of money in hand to spend. If played well carefully, India could have good living standard, not just from the economic figures, but also from the eyes of common […]

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Large Organization Recruitment: Why HR Does NOT Consider Your Referral

October 22, 2016

You are working in this organization for long time. You have a close friend, in dire need of job. You send the resume to HR team and no response. Gradually you feel guilty, powerless and frustrated. Can not even get an audience for a friend in the place where you worked for so many years!? The same friend […]

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Patriotism and Corporate World: 4 VITAL Reasons to Salute the Ordinary

August 14, 2016

Most countries are quickly turning ‘nationalistic’ these days. We see in social media of all geographies, the passions are rising. The soldiers of the respective countries are remembered and celebrated lot more. I also see posts like – while-brave-soldiers-are-dying–we-live-in-comfort-doing-nothing.There are many more similar ones. This gets loudest on days of national importance… like Independence day in […]

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Setting the Limits : Span of Control is NOT About Headcount

June 25, 2016

What is span of control? You have heard this. Span of control is the number of people you could effectively manage. Essentially it is about how much one person can handle. Because of this reason, there is limited people reporting to a boss. In large organizations, this is one big reason to have 6 to […]

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Indian Innovation: Time to Promote ISRO from Heart to Head

January 10, 2016

In India everybody loves ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). While many issues pull down the spirits of the country, one of the the entities that bring cheer is ISRO. A true worldclass technology organization. Whenever a satellite launcher or spaceship is successfully launched, euphoria surges. On all cases – satellites & launchers, MARS orbiter, GPS-like system etc., […]

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Bell Curve Is Here to Stay Even If You Got Rid of It

January 8, 2016

Many organizations are ditching Bell curve. The observation by Gauss became a religion. The the good Bell curve went bad. After seeing that using it has become counterproductive, many organizations are getting rid of forced ranking.  It should be the dawn of fair world, right?  There are good reasons for differentiation and unfortunately they may […]

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Performance Management: How Bell Curve Got Screwed

January 7, 2016

Bell curve is well known, rather infamous. Now junked by many companies, it seemed very good way to improve organization performance management. It helped to ensure that performance ratings are well differentiated. It helped to reward the high performers and weed out the non-performers. First let us look at its origin and how it ended […]

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Is Next Job Better for Work-Life Balance? Think Again!

October 31, 2015

One of the biggest problems these days is work life balance. Everyone complains about lack of it. Due to global dynamics you are always on toes. You may have less flexibility in directly seeking better work life balance. And people have strong notions about various companies. If you want to switch job looking for better work life balance, […]

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