Jun 20

Harvard Is Wrong About Performance Appraisal. And, You Don’t Care ?

I stumbled upon an article in Harvard Business Review about appraisal –¬†“Let’s Abolish Self Appraisal”. Totally shocked to read it. The gist is – ¬†Managers know the best. Since they know what rating to give, there is no need for … Continue reading

Jun 10

4 Golden Rules of Organization Design: Do not Ruin Your Company By Creating Unnecessary Roles


As company grows, people grow in titles, salary etc. At some point, the growth slows. You will be tempted to create opportunities to keep people happy. Is it good thing to do ? Never Ever !! 4 Golden Rules To … Continue reading

Jun 09

Growth in Business: How to Reduce Stress? Structure it Better


Your organization is into few businesses. You already have set of competencies. Now suddenly the organization needs to expand into new paradigms involving very different processes and skills. Data analytics in company which had been only a low end IT … Continue reading

Jun 03

Potential Next Move-Where Do You Fit? 5 Things to Do Even if You Are A Loyal Employee


Spent 10 years in one company. Had great moments together. Became expert in the domain. Also you have grown to managerial role. What If Your Company Does Not Need You? Floated Resume. But got no responses. what is wrong? For … Continue reading