Personality Development

That Little Voice Says.. Action is better than Words. It is Killing.

October 12, 2013

Action speaks louder than words We have been told – ‘action speaks louder than words’. We all know it is true. But, for some of us – including me, this has got into the head little differently. ‘No words. Only action’. Every time you want to communicate with power, that little voice in the brain […]

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Lord Ganesha & Uncle Sam: Time to Thank the Government. (5 Reasons Why You Should)

September 7, 2013

Mid-September. Time for Ganesha festival for those associated with Indian traditions. While there are many interpretations of the symbolism of Ganesha, here is what I liked the most: Lord Ganesha Is the Government in Personified Form. ¬†Ganesha is known for the ability to help and the ability to harm. Large ears: Ability to listen. We […]

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You MUST Mandate this Management Training to New Members on Day-1. Interns Included.

August 12, 2013

The Issue Recent incident – In the community I live in, we had meeting to discuss crucial issues. Within no time, the meeting turns into name calling and swearing session. And this is not the first time. All are so-called educated. Almost all work for most reputed global corporations. They all have international working experience. […]

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Team Conflicts: How to Clear Mental Blocks, Stop Fights and Bring Back Good Times? Host a Listening Session

August 7, 2013

Imagine this. You have a critical project. The people with right expertise have been brought together.The project is in critical stage. All stakeholders know the members who are dedicated, hard working and have acquired very good skills. Suddenly you realize that there is great problem of misalignment, suspicion and fights. The fights erupt, become more […]

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Program Manager Technique: Be “Doorvaasa” for Better Command

July 26, 2013

In most structures I have seen, program manager role does not have direct reports. Nor he is expected to be technical/domain person. He ends up passing data back and forth and making status reports. When things go wrong he is answerable. From the perspective of ‘check list for the job design’, the balance of authority […]

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Grooming Technical Specialist to Technical Lead: 5 Critical Factors for Successful Role Transition

July 11, 2013

As a manager, how do you define the most valuable technical member in your team? He is Quite hardworking Is a specialist in his area of expertise Keen on learning new topics around technology and the domain Very hands on Customers like him You are highly depending upon him So far so good. Within no […]

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Growth in Business: How to Reduce Stress? Structure it Better

June 9, 2013

Your organization is into few businesses. You already have set of competencies. Now suddenly the organization needs to expand into new paradigms involving very different processes and skills. Data analytics in company which had been only a low end IT service provider. Hardware competency in software company. Software skills in manufacturing SME with no prior […]

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