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Clean India Initiative: Building the Case for Project Management Office

June 18, 2015

Most intolerable things about India – the filth, lack of civic amenities and civic sense. In spite of rising incomes in terms of currency, it remains among toughest places to live and low on human development factor. Indian leadership has rightly taken up the cause of clean India. It had great kick off. It excited […]

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Indian IT Service: Want to survive? Downgrade to CMM Level 3 from Level 5

May 23, 2015

There is spurt of doomsday predictions for Indian IT service. There are many bloggers emerging. All are stating one reality. The  outsourcing party is over. No more easy money. IT/R&D service is the past. The entrepreneurship is the future. All the middle managers are white elephants and are a burden. They are the reason the […]

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6 Reasons Why I do not like IoT(Internet of Things) Hype

April 3, 2015

IoT is the buzzword today. Everyone is jumping into this ocean. Few words of caution if you are among those. #1 IoT existed for over 15 years at least There was functional IoT system in year 2000 (at least in Honeywell where I worked at that time). Whatever I contributed falls within today’s IoT definition scope. […]

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Indian R&D Management- Bringing Together Universities and Industry: 4 *Urgently* Needed Steps

December 24, 2014

It was an innovation project outside the regular product development. We needed advanced Image processing expertise. And, we did not have the right specialist who could do the research. “Why don’t we use this premier govt research institute? ” A good suggestion from somebody. I immediately swung into action. Reached out to the coordinator from our […]

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Importing R&D Hardware: How History is Holding Back Global R&D from India

November 2, 2014

1717 AD. Calcutta. Fort William. There were encouragements to do export business. Global business is good. There were tax breaks for export oriented units. No wonder the empire was the largest economy on the  planet. East India company, first British company has already started doing business. It has well built premise Fort William. One day […]

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DARPA Urban Challenge to Mahindra Rise Prize: Driving the Self Driving Car

August 23, 2014

Google Driver-less Car. Unless you lived in cave with no connectivity, you heard about self driving cars. Around the world there is quite a bit of excitement about this. Lot of innovation is going on across the technology and industry spectrum. While everyone is cheering the innovation of Google, appears like not many know how it is […]

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Indian Standard (Meeting) Time May Not Be about Culture

July 29, 2014

04:06 PM. An important meeting. Six minutes past the start time, conf room is full of empty chairs with few exceptions. One of them is a German. After 15 minutes, people turn up. There is no guilt. No apologies. When meeting organizer gazes the late comers, the same standard response with sheepish smile – “Indian […]

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Project Acquisition Story: Software Services CEOs, Focus on Footsoldiers!

June 15, 2014

It was celebration time ! The team had won a new client which is a global energy major from Europe. It was a multi-year project of software product planning and execution. High value engagement from the perspective of both organizations. First phase involved high level specification and prototyping. The phase 2 and beyond, involved detailed […]

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Indian Entrepreneurs, Be Ready for Jail

May 17, 2014

Here is one woman entrepreneur… She worked as tech professional earlier and now aiming to be a business owner.  She has an idea about creating animated content and making it big. May 2014. Bangalore. It was a meeting with between three parties. A chartered accountant, company secretary and her. While pursuing the core tasks of […]

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Corporate Social Responsibility: 6 Ways To Help the Society. Your Pick?

February 16, 2014
This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Corporate Social Responsibility

The corporate world has been thinking and acting on social causes. The organizations create “community service board” structure to evaluate community service projects. They design schemes where employees can participate and help. Here is a quick round up, along with some experiences: 1. Native village adoption Employees come up with proposal – Problem, solution, execution plan […]

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Change Management in Organizations – Peacock & Swans: 3 Lessons to Take Home

January 9, 2014

Post 2008, world is not the same. There are business scenarios changing. Too many organizations want to change, for right reasons. Here is a story I learnt in a leadership workshop a decade back. Unfortunately I do not remember who spoke. Credit to this unknown gentleman. Here it goes: It was a pond of swans. They were […]

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Over-Qualified for the Job? 5 Factors That Pull You Down

November 17, 2013

As manager, planning to hire overqualified professional for a role? If you are on the other side of the table- thinking of going to lower job than what you are qualified for? I have been on both sides. Also i have seen people on both sides. Here are some insights. Considering to move to lower role […]

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