Project Acquisition Story: Software Services CEOs, Focus on Footsoldiers!

June 15, 2014 - All, Featured, Line Management, Program Management
Project Acquisition Story: Software Services CEOs, Focus on Footsoldiers!

It was celebration time !


The team had won a new client which is a global energy major from Europe. It was a multi-year project of software product planning and execution. High value engagement from the perspective of both organizations. First phase involved high level specification and prototyping. The phase 2 and beyond, involved detailed release planning and execution.

The combination of multi-million USD and multi-year engagement is a good story. No wonder the sales person and the delivery leader were stars of the day.

Just when the story was building up, a problem popped up –

Staffing Blues


The Result? The second phase of the project did not happen. The service organization lost the lucrative project. Further, the client went with someone else and that did not work, which is another story.

The bottom line – Hands-on employees layer is the most critical layer of a service organization. All upper layers are into operations. For product organizations, the hands-on layer is still needed. But lack of it may not harm immediate top line in same fiscal.

Remembered the story as ‘beleaguered IT bell-weather’ went through and still going through the rough weather.

How did it respond to crisis?


This precisely is the concept of demise curve. It is applicable to organizations, people, products etc. It is funny that everyone knows the theories and models. The issue is in knowing when and where to apply. More than the clout and degrees, what is needed is to stay grounded in the business you are in. Only then one knows where to apply which theory & model.

Most of the shareholders of IT stocks have no clue of software services business. The stock price stays high, on hopes and faith, just like USD.

Life goes on.

For strong fundamentals in service business, focus on the work environment of foot soldiers. 

If this happens, the rest fall in place. The business flows in. Stock rises. From that are born, the board room stars.

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