Importing R&D Hardware: How History is Holding Back Global R&D from India

1717 AD. Calcutta. Fort William. There were encouragements to do export business. Global business is good. There were tax breaks for export oriented units. No wonder the empire was the largest economy on the  planet. East India company, first British company has already started doing business. It has well built premise Fort William. One day… Read More »

Job Offer with Unbelievable Pay Hike? Congrats! But, Do These 3 Vital Checks

Okay. One more resignation. The reasons are again the same. More money. Much more than here. Of course, the long term career seems clearer there. If one thing that is killing Indian technology sector, it is attrition. There are many reasons which I would put forth in another post. But this post is all about money.… Read More »

Awards are difficult, but not for Nobel Prize Committee

Jun 2014. Weekly meeting with the project managers who worked with me. ” We need to recognize people. Let us give away some awards.” We had many smaller team level awards. Also we had annual awards. We wanted to recognize more. We have some of the best people. These people are working towards making autonomous driving… Read More »

Career Paths Do Not Exist. If They Do, They Are More like Bangalore Traffic Lanes.

Presentation time for my group. Human Resources manager presents the career paths that exist in the organization as I look on. “Good morning everyone. Let me walk you through the exciting career paths for you here!”. She went on to show the three clear distinct paths: Technical path: If you are technically sound, take this… Read More »

DARPA Urban Challenge to Mahindra Rise Prize: Driving the Self Driving Car

Google Driver-less Car. Unless you lived in cave with no connectivity, you heard about self driving cars. Around the world there is quite a bit of excitement about this. Lot of innovation is going on across the technology and industry spectrum. While everyone is cheering the innovation of Google, appears like not many know how it is… Read More »

Indian Standard (Meeting) Time May Not Be about Culture

04:06 PM. An important meeting. Six minutes past the start time, conf room is full of empty chairs with few exceptions. One of them is a German. After 15 minutes, people turn up. There is no guilt. No apologies. When meeting organizer gazes the late comers, the same standard response with sheepish smile – “Indian… Read More »

Project Acquisition Story: Software Services CEOs, Focus on Footsoldiers!

It was celebration time ! The team had won a new client which is a global energy major from Europe. It was a multi-year project of software product planning and execution. High value engagement from the perspective of both organizations. First phase involved high level specification and prototyping. The phase 2 and beyond, involved detailed… Read More »

Indian Entrepreneurs, Be Ready for Jail

Here is one woman entrepreneur… She worked as tech professional earlier and now aiming to be a business owner.  She has an idea about creating animated content and making it big. May 2014. Bangalore. It was a meeting with between three parties. A chartered accountant, company secretary and her. While pursuing the core tasks of… Read More »

Corporate Social Responsibility: 4 Definite Things You Can Do

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Corporate Social Responsibility

As I mentioned in earlier posts, the causes we believe may or may not really be the best things to do. It is just a hope that it is in right thing to do. It may have negative side effects. The society is driven in all directions by people who think that they are dragging… Read More »

Corporate Social Responsibility: 6 Ways To Help the Society. Your Pick?

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Corporate Social Responsibility

The corporate world has been thinking and acting on social causes. The organizations create “community service board” structure to evaluate community service projects. They design schemes where employees can participate and help. Here is a quick round up, along with some experiences: 1. Native village adoption Employees come up with proposal – Problem, solution, execution plan… Read More »

Corporate Social Responsiblity: 3 Unforgettable Insights from Free Hospital

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Corporate Social Responsibility

As I mentioned in earlier post, the one-time medical checkup camps made me more confused. Then, I volunteered for the support system of a free hospital. It is a permanent setup. Not just hospital. There is free education too, for all round development of the surroundings. I learnt couple of things at the free hospital… Read More »