Jan 08

Bell Curve Is Here to Stay Even If You Got Rid of It


Many organizations are ditching Bell curve. The observation by Gauss became a religion. The the good Bell curve went bad. After seeing that using it has become counterproductive, many organizations are getting rid of forced ranking.  It should be the … Continue reading

Jan 09

Change Management in Organizations – Peacock & Swans: 3 Lessons to Take Home


Post 2008, world is not the same. There are business scenarios changing. Too many organizations want to change, for right reasons. Here is a story I learnt in a leadership workshop a decade back. Unfortunately I do not remember who spoke. Credit … Continue reading

Oct 12

That Little Voice Says.. Action is better than Words. It is Killing.

Action speaks louder than words We have been told – ‘action speaks louder than words’. We all know it is true. But, for some of us – including me, this has got into the head little differently. ‘No words. Only … Continue reading

Jul 11

Grooming Technical Specialist to Technical Lead: 5 Critical Factors for Successful Role Transition

Technical Specialist

As a manager, how do you define the most valuable technical member in your team? He is Quite hardworking Is a specialist in his area of expertise Keen on learning new topics around technology and the domain Very hands on … Continue reading