project management

Clean India Initiative: Building the Case for Project Management Office

June 18, 2015

Most intolerable things about India – the filth, lack of civic amenities and civic sense. In spite of rising incomes in terms of currency, it remains among toughest places to live and low on human development factor. Indian leadership has rightly taken up the cause of clean India. It had great kick off. It excited […]

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Vendor Management: Fixed Price Contract for Risk Transfer? 4 Risks You Still Own in R&D Projects

September 15, 2013

We have heard this thousand times… Outsourcing greatly helps in managing better. There are variety of ways to design the project contract between client and vendor organizations. Out of the contract types spectrum, two contract types stand out – T&M (Time and Material) where buyer (customer) bears all the risk. On the other extreme, in […]

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Lord Ganesha & Uncle Sam: Time to Thank the Government. (5 Reasons Why You Should)

September 7, 2013

Mid-September. Time for Ganesha festival for those associated with Indian traditions. While there are many interpretations of the symbolism of Ganesha, here is what I liked the most: Lord Ganesha Is the Government in Personified Form. ¬†Ganesha is known for the ability to help and the ability to harm. Large ears: Ability to listen. We […]

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5 Rules to Select Consultant for Enterprise Agile Adoption

July 31, 2013

Everybody says that your organization should either go agile or go out of business. Quite an advice. Huh ? While going agile, you may pilot with well proven team. Ask them to read up and start a pilot project. In case this is not feasible, you may decide to hire an agile coach to help […]

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