Why You Should Work Hard During Notice Period

December 10, 2017 - All, Featured, Line Management, Middle Management Roles
Why You Should Work Hard During Notice Period

People moving across jobs is usual. It is increasing due to the shift in social behavior, attitude of both organizations and employees. For whatever reason, one might want to move on.

Flickr/ Pavlina Jane

Flickr/ Pavlina Jane

What follows the resignation is notice period. Some countries have long notice period. Like India. 3 months is many companies.

Here I want to talk about how people work during notice people. If it is long like 3 months, it is worth thinking about how to work in this period. I have seen that behavior of employees could greatly change during notice period. I see many people getting into retirement mode. The commitment towards work drastically reduces.

So, do not bother. Just relax. Whoever comes next will take care of it. Sounds reasonable? Sure it is.

Let me give some arguments to work harder during the notice period.

This is the period where you are making last impression. Not just with the current supervisors, but with everyone around you. With social and professional networking, impression you make on everyone is of paramount importance. Why not leave the best impression? At the least, you do not need to degrade your working habit impression during this period.

Hopefully this strikes a chord regarding the notice period.

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Work Hard During Notice Period

Sindhu Devi K

What a noble advice! The best lines are, ‘most people have forgotten that they work for salary. They are wired to think that they work for the next pay hike, not the next paycheck. what is forgotten is salary is paid for the work. It is almost taken for granted. Could we not get back to the basics and remember that we earn salary for the work we do?’

I personally feel, even the managers can start this kind of nobleness. Managers in most of the companies ignore and humiliate the employee after recieving the resignation letter. This demotivates employees.

    Ishwara Bhat

    True that! Some of the managers may not treat employees who resigned the way you just said. The natural reaction would be to ignore work. This post is to convince employees to avoid that trap. Handling with grace and standing tall would be a better response than competing to be mean : )


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